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Product ID: ADDAC207

ADDAC 207 - Intuitive Quantizer

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  • 4 Voices of Quantization with 10 Octaves range 
  • Keyboard Mode (using Buttons as triggers)
  • User definable Scales: any scale is possible.
  • Simple Intuitive menu with settings such as:
  • User definable NOTES Intervals for Chord generation
  • Quantization types: Above, Below, Ignore
  • Definable Gate Out Length
  • Octave Offsets
  • Menu Reaction Time can be adjusted and saved.
  • Assignable CV Input for Menu Functions
  • 5 Diferent Scale Temperaments including Bohlen-Pierce
  • Microtonal options for more than 12 notes per Octave
  • Transpose through CV input
  • Compatible with both Moog and Buchla Standards
  • Independent Voice Fine Tunning 
  • Tunning Reset to 1v/perOctave
  • Tunning settings safely stored in non-volatile memory.
  • 11 User Presets for easy recalling User’s favorite scales and settings.

Weitere Information

Garantie: 1 jahr
Module Format Eurorack
Function(s) Quantizer
Width (HP) 10
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