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Product ID: EMUemaxII_used

E-MU Emax II 8MB - Used

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1.000 €


You probably know what’s an Emax II, but in short, this is the first 16 bit / 44.1k sampler from E-Mu. All digital, has great sound library available and very reliable.

 At glance

  • It is the maxed out 8MB version
  • FDD works all right
  • It has a hard drive built in ready to go
  • It will read SCSI CD-ROMs!

Stuff to mention

  • The unit is in average cosmetical condition. It has the original rack ears for rack mounting.
  • The LCD was replaced with a Noritake VFD. IT does not look like the original, but is an expensive solution with excellent functionality. I have added a blue gel to look exciting :) 

Should you want some extra sounds with it, please et us know.

The pictures are about the actual unit we offer on sale:


Weitere Information

Garantie: 0
Keys N/A
Size of keys None
Keyboard Action Type None / Sound Module
Pitchbend N/A
Interface Type MIDI
Supported Synthesis Sampling (RAM)
Polyphony 16
Multitimbral parts 16 parts
AUDIO via USB Nein
Continuous Foot Pedal Inputs N/A
Bus Powered No. Built-in PSU
Battery Operation Nein
Dimensions (W x D x H) n/a
Nettogewicht n/a
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