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Product ID: KORGDSS1

Korg DSS-1 VIROSTEK upgraded - Used

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The KORG DSS-1 is a fantastic 12 bit sampling keyboard. In terms of sound quality its on par with its contemporary alternatives such as the Emax I, Ensoniq Mirage, Akai S900 or the Prophet 2000. It had a serious drawback compared to them: no individual outputs, it had smaller memory and no high performance storage.

 But there’s the VIROSTEK option which is a significant upgrade, hence the extra price:

Virostek mod features:

  • It replaces the original CPU with a faster one
  • The new software adds new modulation possibilities
  • It can load sounds with direct access over 10 times faster than the floppy or floppy emulated counterparts.
  • It can load sounds from an USB stick! All sound libraries can fit on a single USB drive.
  • It reads and writes to FAT32 systems: you can read-write banks or samples from a PC or a MAC. There’s no need to convert sounds to and from special disk image files.
  • Not least, the memory is now 26 MEGABYTES (the original is not expandable and is 256k). All four banks can be present in the memory at the same time. This is huge!

Further upgrades: 

  • The floppy drive was replaced by 3.5” bay with a panel which has an USB socket. So you can conveniently transfer sounds. (The other connectors in the panel are disabled, they are there to fill the gap and look cool)
  • There’s no gap between the drive and the bay.
  • The LCD was replaced
  • The original special power connector is replaced for a standard IEC one.
  • The keyboard is clean and works 100%
  • Switches and sliders are all works
  • We’ll include the USB stick with LOTs of sounds on it.

Stuff to mention:

  • The unit has light, but long scratches. Please see photos and video.
  • The unit has a 3D printed knob on the joystick, not the original
  • The LCD is replaced with a LED LCD. Crisp, clean, sharp like you’d expect.

Please see photos and video of THIS item: 

Weitere Information

Garantie: 0
Keys 61
Size of keys Full
Keyboard Action Type Normal
Pitchbend Yes
Interface Type MIDI
Supported Synthesis Sampling (RAM), Subtractive
Polyphony 8
Multitimbral parts Monotimbral
AUDIO via USB Nein
Continuous Foot Pedal Inputs N/A
Bus Powered No. Built-in PSU
Battery Operation Nein
Dimensions (W x D x H) n/a
Nettogewicht n/a
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